Our Mission.

Like the majority of college students, we spent that day after the election reeling from our loss, not only of an election, but of our sense of who we are as progressives. We held one another and cried, trying to come to terms with the truth, without losing touch with what it is that we hate about this country.

We wanted to blame someone else in order to minimize the damage of what we were forced to confront on that day. And we realized that our sense of entitlement was the most valuable thing we could contribute and that we were not alone. All we needed was a central bank of names and contacts to use our unique skills to defeat the Republic and replace it with democracy in 2018.

We offer the best of ourselves to this collective vision of community: a place where the educated are not forgotten, kindness overcomes need, our air, earth and waters are worshiped. We trust consensus, we love all lgbt trans people, we fear conservatism. For now, we must be badly represented, by a person and a party who does not share our view of a one world government. So be it. But 2018 is coming. This is not a moment for commentary. This is a moment for action.

To the progressive professionals: thank you for joining us. We are stronger because of you. To the elitist politicians: we are with you. Call on us to do what we do best for the party we believe in.


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